I managed to get the game running a little better than it was on day one.  I used one of the “fixes” found on Google to disable the page file problem.  At first it didn’t work at all, but then I messed with it some more and saw some results.  It helped get rid of the GIANT stutters, but still left all the smaller ones.  A step in the right direction, but a leap is needed before this game becomes playable.

Here is the opening action of Watch_Dogs on the “medium” preset with the page file fix:

Here is the opening again, this time on the “high” preset with the page file fix:

On the “high” preset, the game was steady and pretty fluid throughout the opening indoor scene.  It stayed around the upper 30’s to mid 40’s until I got outside.  It dropped and began to fluctuate between the upper 20’s and mid 30’s throughout most of the outdoor game play.  It is probably hard to see it in the videos, but it still suffers from micro stuttering to the point where it ruins the immersion.  It sort of feels like GTA 4 on PS3.

I think that the “fix” helped enough to see that the game would be kind of fun, if it were 100% playable – even on lower settings.  I am hoping that Ubisoft comes through and puts out a patch that gets rid of all the wacky frame rate problems.  If they can level it out, I don’t see a reason why I can’t get my frame rate 30+ 900p.  After all, it’s basically nearing 30 at 1080p without a patch.


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