This will be the third computer that I have assembled from scratch, and the first one of this form factor.  I went into it knowing that it would be a pain in the ass since my hands are big and I didn’t have a modular PSU.  Enjoy some photos from my build process:
build17  build16  build15
build14build13  build12
build11  build10  build9
build7  build8  build6
I ran into very little troubles during the build – even with having such a small work space.  I was able to tie most of the PSU cables out of the way to allow my airflow to continue uninterrupted.  Some of the connections inside of the case were kind of tough for me to get in, but I eventually wiggled each one into place.  Once the outer shell of the case was back on, it looks really nice!
build4  build3
build2  build1
Here you can see what my living room area looks like.  It will sit under the TV, in it’s own little spot:
Now you can see it’s final resting place:


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