NBA 2K14

MY BUDGET FPS: 60 @ 1080P
PS4 FPS: 60 @ 1080P
XB1 FPS: 60 @ 1080P

I was under the impression that this was going to be a first person shooter where I got to play as Jayson Williams.  Though I was let down, I played for a few minutes…poorly.  Not many settings to change graphic wise, so I put what I could on high and started a match.  It ran at a steady 60 FPS and was crazy smooth.  Going back and watching my own YouTube upload, I can see that they put a ton of effort into how the players move.  It honestly looks like real life at first glance if you are just looking at how the players run the court.  Kind of cool.

I really have no idea why Microsoft chose this game and a racing game to show off at the set up they have next to my office.  I guess some sports fanatics could justify the cost of a new system for these games, but I never would.  My machine easily ran it at equal stats with the ability to tweak and adjust some extra stuff.  It also cost $4+s/h less than it does to buy the game used from at the time of writing this…


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