MY FPS: 60+ @ 1080P
PS4 FPS: 60 @ 1080P
XB1 FPS: 60 @ 1080P
Tomb Raider is probably the first game I played straight through since Portal 2 came out.  It was the $5 game that I got on sale that re-kindled my interest in PC gaming again.  I bought a 360 controller just so I could play it.  It was also the first game that I played on my 52″ HDTV via HDMI cable.  I was quite surprised by how nice it looked, even on my crappy HDTV.  It was way better than I was expecting.  I selected the “normal” preset for my test since I consider my budget build to be a “normal” gaming computer…

I am not sure how the “normal” preset compares to the PS4 version, but I was “normally” at 60+ FPS throughout my little test.  I know that the PS4’s “definitive edition” has it’s own version of the cute hair effects and maxes out at 60 FPS with common dipping to the the 40’s and 50’s (from what I have observed on YouTube), but I would rather spend $5 on my “non-cute hair” version of the game than blow $45 on a used “definitive” version.  I like playing these 3rd person games on the TV with a controller from the couch because they seem more relaxed than my shooters.  It felt really smooth and looked pretty nice.
Her hair looks nice on the PS4…but what the fuck did they do to her bones!?


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