MY BUDGET FPS: 35-45 @ 1080P
PS4 FPS: 30 @ 1080P

XB1 FPS: 30 @ 900P

I left all settings at whatever the “high” preset dictated.  I couldn’t get a 100% completion saved game file to work so I just started a new game myself.  I saw the frame rate bounce around between 35 and 45 during the more active running scenes or sections with a bunch of shit on screen.  I am not sure how the rest of the game will turn out but so far, it plays really smooth and looks very nice.

I think I got the original Thief game from a cereal box when I was little.  I could only remember the disk art work, not the game itself.  As to be expected, Thief 2014 runs on par with the PS4 and XB1, if not better by a handful of frames.


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