FPS: 15-60… @ 1080P

What good is a new GPU if you can’t test out Crysis 3 on it?  I am listing the FPS at “15-60” because this game is ridiculous.  When I was running around alone, it was all over between 30 and 60 FPS.  When I threw a grenade, it dropped down to like 15 FPS really quickly and then recovered. During the explosions at the end, it was in the upper 20’s.  On the “medium” preset, the game still looked very impressive.  I think its safe to say that any person who really wants to play this game, knows they may need a beefier GPU in order to get a steady FPS on a higher setting.

I switched the preset to the lowest possible and played the same level after I recorded my initial video.  It was totally playable and didn’t really look as bad as you would think for the lowest of the low presets.  I guess when you make the highest preset unplayable on 99% of computers at the time, the lowest preset has got to be pretty good…


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